Breast cancer follow up

Breast cancer follow up is a contentious matter and different units use different guidelines. The principles we follow are: 

  • Whatever schedule of follow up a woman is on, she is encouraged to contact her breast care nurse for advice if she is all concerned. Contact us
  • Patients should be seen by their radiation oncologist 6 weeks after completing their radiotherapy, when needed, and then as follows:
  • Their breast surgeon should check patients who have not had chemotherapy every six months, with a mammogram every year for a total 5 years
  • Women who have had chemotherapy should be followed up alternately every three months by their oncologist and their surgeon alternately with a mammogram every year for 5 years. ]
  • After 5 years most patients can cease any hormone medications they are taking and can be discharged with advice on symptoms any symptoms to report to their GP. They should continue with regular 3 yearly mammograms as usual arranged through Breast Test Wales. Women over the screening age of 70 should request that they continue with regular mammography for as long as they are fit to get to the van
  • Women under 50 are not eligible for Breast Test Wales mammography and will continue to have their mammograms and check ups with their breast surgeon until they reach 50.
  • Some women who are part of a clinical trial or who are advised to continue on hormone treatments beyond 5 years may continue to be followed up in the clinic by the surgeons or oncologists as long as necessary. 
  • Although the NHS will not normally fund follow up beyond 5 years, Mr Holt and his team are pleased to offer you further visits privately at a frequency of your choosing. Please see “Costs” for the list of charges applicable.