Private charges:

Mr Holt’s charges are in accordance with the BUPA scales. This means that all your treatments should be fully reimbursed by your insurers, less any excess that you may have chosen to bear. Please always check with them first.

There are a few new procedures that may form part of your routine treatment (which are well tried and validated) but have yet to be given a code for reimbursement by some insurers. Your insurer may try to pass these back to you, but my advice is to take it up with them as they often accept such charges as special one off items if you argue the point.

Some examples are:

  • Oncotype testing (cost about £2500).
  • Metasin intraoperative sentinel node analysis (additional hospital charge £100, Surgeon’s charge £200).
  • Internal flap procedures on the breast (additional charge of £200 over simple wide local excision).

Outpatient charges:


Bupa Code


 New Consultation  



 Follow up consultation


 £  85.00

 Initial Ultrasound

 £  65.00

 Follow up Ultrasound  

 £  35.00

 Needle aspiration


 £  91.00

 Ultrasound guided core biopsy



Cosmetic procedure charges:

Insurers rarely pay for purely cosmetic procedures, although they will usually pay for reconstructive procedures after treatment for breast cancer.

The charges for self pay cosmetic procedures, which includes all hospital charges (including implant costs when required), anaesthetist’s/surgeon’s charges and follow up to 6 weeks, are:


BMI Werndale

Peony Breast Unit

Augmentation (enlargement)






Mastopexy (lift)



Please note, these charges do not include the initial consultation. Charges may be increased if a longer than average stay in hospital is required for reasons of pre-existing medical conditions. You will be advised of these in advance whenever possible.

Generally, I recommend cosmetic surgery in the BMI Werndale Private Hospital, Bancyfelin rather than at the Peony Breast Unit at the Prince Philip NHS Hospital.

The Werndale will offer you a guaranteed admission date and a private room throughout your stay (giving you greater anonymity). The attention from the nurses is more individual and the food is of a much higher standard. No patient with MRSA infection can be admitted there and theoretically the infection risk is lower.

At present Hywel Dda Health Authority are not permitting admission of private patients to the Prince Philip Hospital. This may change in future. On the Peony Breast Unit, although you will have a private room immediately before and from the following morning after your surgery, your immediate post operative recovery may be in a open bay with other patients. The private rooms are of an equivalent standard. Unfortunately the NHS cannot refuse to admit any needy patient even with MRSA infection, but very strict precautions are taken to avoid its spread. However, the risk is inevitably very slightly greater.

From the point of view of your medical care, it will be of the highest standard in both hospitals and your surgeon and anaesthetist will be the same.

Some more complicated cancer surgeries, particularly on less fit and older women, are better performed on the Peony Breast Unit under as an NHS patient because there is an intensive care on site and improved medical backup. At present intra-operative sentinel node analysis can be performed only on the Peony Breast Unit.

Payment will be by credit card in advance at the Werndale Private Hospital, although terms are available by prior arrangement. Payment on the Peony Unit at the Prince Philip Hospital is by cheque on departure, although pre-payment by credit card can be arranged.

If you have any further questions about our charges, I would strongly recommend you speak to your insurer and either to:

  • Gill Sinclair, Self Pay Officer at the Werndale Private Hospital on 01267 2225652, or
  • Alison Thomas, Secretary to Mr Holt, Peony Unit, Prince Philip Hospital on 01554 783386.