We have the latest ultrasound machines in the clinic and these a reoptimally set up to examine breast tissue. It is a painless and harmless procedure and similar to that used to examine babies in the womb. It does involve applying some gel to the skin. We warm this in advance. It wipes off easily afterwards and will not stain clothing.

The doctors in our clinic will examine both breasts. This is not routine in most breast clinics. However, we believe this allows a more thorough examination. Like feeling both breasts, starting with the normal side,it also gives the examiner a better idea of what is your breast tissue looks like before examining the area of concern.

Ultrasound is a complimentary examination to mammography and shows the tissue in a different way. It is particularly good at distinguishing harmless cysts from other conditions in the breast.

Triple assessment:

Experience has taught us that not all breast cancers will necessarily be felt, appear on a mammogram and show on an ultrasound, but it is very rare for a cancer not to show on at least one of these examinations.

If at the end of our assessment we have found anything which is not entirely NORMAL by feel OR on the mammogram OR on the ultrasound, then the doctors will advise a sample be taken from the breast to look at under the microscope. This does not mean that you have cancer and the microscopic examination may well show a simple breast condition. However, the microscopic examination is the only way of getting a diagnosis with a very high degree of accuracy. Even if you do not have cancer, we want to be able to completely reassure you and explain to you what your condition is and offer the right treatment if any is needed.